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To get additional, special functions, you might have to pay a monthly fee. Life is the best app for keeping track of family members. You can also browse the map freely at any time to see where they are. This location tracker is one of the best ones out there not only because you can add lots of people to your location group but because you can even make additional family circles, each of which that can include different people.

Maybe you want one for friends and another for family. Life is also very accurate.

Life Alert Noise

The free version supports two people and two place alerts. You can pay to add more family members and places, as well as additional features like driving reports, hard break notifications, speed alerts, and emergency help services.

You can also browse the map from a computer. Google Maps is a well-known app for finding directions, and you might know that it can also keep track of your own location history.

Account Options

Just open the map and browse like normal, but also see where your friends or family are located. The built-in "panic" option sends out an emergency beacon to designated emails, text and phones with your exact location of your GPS coordinates.

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The app can also be used to message family members. That pro version comes with unlimited check-in places, roadside assistance, the ability to locate non-smartphones, and protection against stolen phones.

Life offers a 30 day free trial to its premium features. This app, which is also made by the Life guys, gives you a central place for sharing your location and messaging. Headed out of town for a few days of downtime? Plan and coordinate your trip with others before getting in the car.

Feel free, together.

Likewise, the app can be used to quickly broadcast your location in an emergency situation. Like other apps of its kind, this one uses Google Maps at its heart, so it's a breeze to learn and understand.

Life360 phone tracker

Along these lines, the map automatically lists places such as police stations, fire departments and hospitals, among other. All users are invited to try the day free trial. Find My Friends is free for Android.

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The design is reminiscent of the old Google Latitude and integrates, naturally, with Google Maps. Once the person accepts, you'll be able to see each other through the app. It's worth noting that a friend doesn't have to share their location with you in order for you to send yours. Conversely, you can toggle exactly who you share your "where" with, too.

Google Maps

Each of the four major US wireless providers also offers its own particular Android app or service for keeping an eye on loved ones. All four feature a number of free services and individual options tailored to the user; paid features come at a monthly premium. Life brings your family closer with smart features designed to protect and connect the people who matter most.

Life syncs your family into a private, invite-only Circle, making it easy to plan and coordinate at the pace of life. Be notified when your family comes and goes from your most frequented Places. Plus, get alerts if anyone's phone is running low on battery. Accidents happen. Get help faster with automatic Crash Detection that alerts your Emergency Contacts and sends an ambulance to your location i mmediately — protecting drivers and passengers. Flat tire? Engine trouble?

Less than no gas?

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  8. Roadside Assistance is standing by to get you moving or tow you to safety. The next best thing to being in the car, Driver Reports give a snapshot of how and what your drivers are doing on the road. Backup is just a tap away. If you ever feel unsafe, Help Alert sends your exact location to each emergency contact, instantly. The more you know, the safer your family will be.

    Know when and where local crimes happen, so you can steer clear and make decisions. From last-minute grocery store requests to away game support, respond to your family's daily adventures with in-app chat.

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